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I heart strangers

Got the absolute BEST couch surfing request ever today.

Lara wrote:
>My name is Lara, I am from Paris, France, Im a student, studying english, spanish, arabic, cinema at the university.
>I am coming to Minneapolis, my very first time in the USA, on the 19th of november. I am going there for personal reasons, actually to seduce the man I love. He is american, he lives in Stevens square. I do not know where it is but it does not matter, I am doing it.
>I can stay at his place but I want to feel free and not relying on him. I also want to meet people and see how is the american way of life. I do not know how many nights Im planned to be hosted, probably the two or three first nights, so I can see how the area looks like, I can prepare myself, practise a bit my english and then go meet him.
>I have money in case I need to go to the hotel if he wants me to leave but I think being with people is so much better and I do not really see the point in going to a hotel on my own. I had many sufers, visiting me in Paris, it was fantastic and it gave me the will of traveling like that from now.
>If you can help me, give me advice or meet me there or something else, I would be very glad.
>Hope to read you soon.


That's a resounding yes, super cute french girl! If she actually makes it here, we are throwing her a "I'm an adorable Parisian" party and you're all invited.

For those who don't know what Couchsurfing.org is, you should check it out! We love the hell out of it.



Oct. 28th, 2010 03:47 pm (UTC)
So cool!